Green Screen Dreams

Release date: Aug 13, 2021

Green Screen Dreams Trailer

Release date: Aug 13, 2021 


The trials of a person's dream of becoming an online star by creating a fictional public persona. 

Why I created this… James was in a camera shop last year shortly after the shutdown began and the owner said he couldn’t keep green screens, lights, etc. in stock. James thought that was curious, so he wrote and recorded a song about the phenomenon of online fictitious public personas. It screamed for a music video, hence his 1st foray into writing, directing, producing, editing and everything else for video. 

Starring Leandra Ramm 
Greek chorus (commentary) by James D. Fredrickson, Jr. 

Directed by James D. Fredrickson, Jr. 
Produced by Ashcans of the Mind
Script: James D. Fredrickson, Jr. 
Video: James D. Fredrickson, Jr., Mitchell Fredrickson 
Photography: Mitchell Fredrickson 
Editing: James D. Fredrickson, Jr. 

Filmed on location: Pittsburg, CA, Oakland, CA, Oakley, CA, Cupertino, CA, Hillsborough, CA, San Francisco, CA, Marin county, CA 

Image manipulation: Sayler Design Works



Green Screen Dreams 

Performed by Ashcans of the Mind 
Music and lyrics: James D. Fredrickson, Jr. 

©2021 James D. Fredrickson, Jr.