1. Siete de Mayo

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Siete de Mayo

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MP3 file - Delusional imaginations of a real/imaginary lover

Music and lyrics: James Fredrickson
Vocals: Amy Foote, www.amymichellefoote.com
Keys, bass, drums: James Fredrickson
Recorded at Folded Napkin Studios, Vallejo, CA
Mobile recording in San Francisco, CA
Engineering, mixing: James Fredrickson
Produced by James Fredrickson
Artwork: www.SaylerDW.com
Original images: Alex Tihonovs/Shutterstock


I feel you close, love, warm,
and yet you seem so cool
the light is fading,
your face grows dim,
a haze pulls you away
please don’t leave me, please hold me

Seventh of May, sunny day,
down the street hand in hand strolling,
not a care, just us two in love
all the world is beautiful, just for us,
and though we can’t think about it
the day will end

where are you, where, where are you my love, my love
I can’t see you anywhere, are you here
forev’ are you gone away
forever gone away, were you ever here
I feel you close, love, warm,
and yet you seem

Seventh of May, hand in hand, down the street,
cheek to cheek, on the beach, sweet mem’ry
love again, love again (repeat)

©2018 James D. Fredrickson, Jr.