1. Wake Up!

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Wake Up!

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MP3 file - Electronica funk exhortation to wake up to the realities of politics' effects on your life

Music and lyrics: James Fredrickson
Vocals: Leandra Ramm, www.LeandraRamm.com
Keys, bass, drums: James Fredrickson
Recorded at Folded Napkin Studios, Vallejo, CA
Mobile recording in Pittsburg, CA
Engineering, mixing: James Fredrickson
Produced by James Fredrickson
Artwork: www.SaylerDW.com


Politics not your schtick
well get in line, the bread line
power dicks rigged the gig
when you onto them they change the tune
to make you look like a fool!

wake up
wake up, get at it
stand up, get movin’
wake up, get involved
speak up, up loud
got a get a get get
wake up
gonna gonna get a gonna got
get at it
get a gonna got a get a get a a
wake up
got a get a get a gonna gonna get a goin’

wake up wake up wake up
wake up wake up wake up

politics is your schtick

wake up wake up wake up
wake up wake up wake up

©2018 James D. Fredrickson, Jr.