1. Stench

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MP3 file - The erosion of decency and the rise of corruption from our nations leaders

Music and lyrics: James Fredrickson
Vocals: James Fredrickson
Keys, bass, drums: James Fredrickson
Recorded at Folded Napkin Studios, Vallejo, CA
Engineering, mixing: James Fredrickson
Produced by James Fredrickson
Artwork: www.SaylerDW.com
Original image: Gorich/Shutterstock


How you doing Mister President
are you still shooting par today
constitution got you stumped

do you feel the evil in the air
can you smell the putrid rotting stench
corruption fouls our lives

McConnell and Ryan agree
destruction of our way of life
is their agenda

ev’ry day brings a new assault
on our ethics of decency
gaslighting of America

you light our country on fire then you play golf,
stealing our wealth, destruction is your plan

classic abusive behavior, fragile ego,
chaos is easy, hatred is all you know

venomous traitors, venomous traitors, venomous traitors,
treason is slipp’ry

treasonous vipers, treasonous vipers, treasonous vipers,
treason is slipp’ry bus’ness

perfidy and blatant lies abound
emanating from the president
torching our so-, torching our

new days are blue days, what horror awaits us,
what horror awaits us, casually nar’cistic, pathological

treasonous vipers

new days are blue days, what horror

how you doing Mister President


has your conflagration burned you yet

treason is slipp’ry bus’ness

©2018 James D. Fredrickson, Jr.