1. So Long Ago

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So Long Ago

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WAV file - Longings for memories of the past that may or may not be real

Music and lyrics: James Fredrickson
Vocals: Leandra Ramm, www.LeandraRamm.com
Keys: Jon Keyhote, Geack Carowack
Bass: Bull Hubbard
Drums: Cody Pomeray

Recorded at the Plastic Sieve, Oakley, CA
Mobile recording in Pittsburg, CA
Engineering, mixing: James Fredrickson
Produced by James Fredrickson
Artwork: www.SaylerDesignWorks.com
Original images: Gordon Bell/Shutterstock, PaoloBruschi/Shutterstock, maurizio magnetta/Shutterstock


So long ago
so long
I dreamed of you
the dream of you floats through my dreams
so long ago
we’ve yet to meet

so long, so long ago
so long ago the wistful dreams of misty eyes
drifts through my dreams
so long ago, so long ago

have I lost my dreams of you
so long ago, ago, ago

©2020 James D. Fredrickson, Jr.