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Is This A Love Song

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MP3 file - Meditations on priorities and realities, in 4 parts

Music and lyrics: James Fredrickson
Vocals: Leandra Ramm,
Synthesizers,: James Fredrickson
Recorded at the Plastic Sieve, Oakley, CA
Mobile recording in Pittsburg, CA
Engineering, mixing: James Fredrickson
Produced by James Fredrickson


Part 1
ah-ohm, ah-ohm, ah-ohm
is this love

let the veils of illusion drift away
a mirage floats above reality

do we know who we are
do we know who we are

be kind, and love yourself
be kind, and love the world

ah__, ah__, ah__
life cannot be plumbed
joy is yours, ah__ is yours

is this a love song
is this a love song
is this a love song

Part 2
you, me, we
are one together, together, together

ah__, ah__, ah__, ah__

you me we
me we you
we you me

we can make the future
we all want beautiful

la la la la la la la la

here we are
join with us
let’s all step
into joy
cultivate the garden in your mind
we’ll make it bloom
we’ll make, we’ll make it, bloom

Part 3
floods, flames, drought, extinctions
we’ll soon be Venus unless we change
killing heat, no other choice
all gone, gone


will we lose this love, love
can we let this go on
third stone will be dead, dead
third stone

Part 4
is the sky blue
the grass green
does the rain fall
the wind blow
do you believe
that any of this is true
is this a love song, love
do you think so, you
is this
think I think so, hah

ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

©2021 James D. Fredrickson, Jr.